KT 5G Service Launch Campaign


- Preceding the launch of the 5G service, the client needed a strong idea to raise expectations for KT's 5G technology.
- The client wanted the campaign to convey their brand identity, the "New World for Me," with clear slogans and visuals.
- They wanted to highlight the 360 Video Call, one of the key features of their 5G service, in the film.

The Idea
- We created the slogan, "KT 5G, your superpower" meaning users will be able to do whatever they want with KT’s 5G service.
- In the case of 360 Video Call, we wanted to communicate the message that this technology will allow users to enjoy any activities without space constraints.
- We came up with the idea to use wing-suit flight, parkour, and surfing as the activities that could effectively show the features of 360 video and thought of a way to show them with seamless transitions.
- We also thought the brand should establish themselves as the youngest brand among South Korea's three major mobile carriers when launching the 5G service. So we tried to keep the video's tone-and-mood trendy and fun.

Launch Film

Spot for 360 Video Call
The client loved the idea of a wingsuit flight used as a stock video in the launch film and it led to the production of the spot of 360 video call.

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