Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Unveil Film


- The client wanted to make a 360 video for the "Galaxy Unpacked 2016" so that the audience can have an impactful experience with their new Galaxy Note 7 with the VR devices provided at the event.
- Key features to emphasize: Iris Scan, S Pen, Design, Water Resistant Body & Pen.

The Idea
- We created motion graphics to introduce the 'Iris Scan' feature in the beginning of the film, so that the audience can feel like they're starting the film with their eyes (as they would later use their eyes to unlock/start using their Galaxy Note 7)
- To raise expectations for the new design, we made the S PEN draw the silhouette of the Galaxy Note 7 with laser light beams. Then we made the product move around right in front of the audience’s eyes and reveal the designs in detail.


The Unveil Film

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