Samsung QLED TV Brand Film

Samsung Electronics

The client wanted each of their brand films to show the extreme simplicity of their product design.
The idea was to use ‘visual illusion’ as a way to clearly show the benefits of the key features. The goal was to apply this visual idea in the most simplistic way possible. We studied a number of living room objects to express the illusion both simplistically and luxuriously.

1. Invisible Connection
As the camera moves, the messy cables turn out to be aroma sticks and the TV's single cable is shown.

2. One Remote Control
A hand picks up the TV's remote control from a pile of remotes and it turns out that the other ones were actually a picture in a magazine.

3. No Gap Wall Mount
At first, it looks like there is nothing but a picture frame on the wall, but the moving camerawork reveals the QLED TV that was hung next to the frame.

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