Shinhan SOL(Mobile banking app.)
Launch Campaign 

Shinhan Bank

As Shinhan Bank was planning to launch Shinhan SOL, a mobile banking application, they signed a contract with Wanna One, a popular k-pop group, and asked us to create a campaign to raise awareness of Shinhan SOL by actively exposing Wanna One.

Utilizing the application’s name, ‘Shinhan SOL’ and the fact that Wanna One is a year-long project group, We came up with an idea to make teaser films that pretend to announce the SOLO debut of each member of Wanna One. (The head copy ‘Start with SOL’, in Korean sounds the same as ‘SOLO start’, a word play that will excite many Wanna One fans.)

Teaser Film with Daneil Kang
Teaser Film with Seongwu Ong 

After teaser films raised public curiosity about Wanna One and SOL, we made films with Wanna One that specifically explain the functions of Shinhan SOL.

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